6 Apr 2007

One good Tern...

Hoped to see something exotic on our Po Toi Trip on April 1st. The seabirds didn't oblige at all, so here is a Caspian Tern from a few days earlier at the boardwalk, Mai Po.

1 Apr 2007

April 1, 2007

Hong Kong Bird Watching Society Boat trip to Po Toi Island, Southern Waters and West Lamma Channel on
April 1, 2007.

Weather was good and sea was quite calm most of the time, there were some big waves when got to the bend of the west Lamma Channel.

Very quiet in the sea, basically no sea birdsat all.

We had a distant view of 4+ finless porpoises
a flock of 40+ flying Garganey *
10+ Red-necked Phalaropes
a flock 20+ unindentified flying waders,

On Po Toi Island, many birds were seen briefly, not by all the participants ..............

*and a mystery Merganser, second from the left