12 Sept 2007

Urocynchramus pylzowi

Well, I don't know whether to call it a Bunting or a Rosefinch, so you'll have to settle for the scientific name. Seen in August 2007 near Qinghai Lake. A splendid Chinese endemic discovered by Nikolai Przewalski on one of his four great chinese ornithological expeditions. Old "Prezza" is not around any more, but his discovery still is -

Isn't nature wonderful? Hey, hey, yeah yeah yeah YEAH


Summer Indolence

There are lots of things more tiresome than people who don't update their blogs, but in the "blergershere" who needs a sense of proportion ?

Here are a couple of pics about a place we saw (I think) a Gentian "Gentiana sino-ornata" Discovered by George Forrest in NW Yunnan province in 1904 and described as "one of his finest introductions... exquisite beauty...late and prolonged flowering in autumn" Seen in 99 Dragon Pools, NW Yunnan in Oct 2005, this should be the one.

Here's a general view of the scenery there

Laojunshan, about four hours from Lijiang