29 Jun 2009

Lian Hua Shan, Gansu Province

A few pictures from Lian Hua Shan (Lotus Mountain)

White-browed Rosefinch

Chinese Grouse

Blood Pheasant (Female) race "berezowski"

Blood Pheasant (male) race "berezowski"

It was a good site for birding. Quite a lot of scientific research has been and is being done there, but it doesn't seem to be well-known to birders outside China.

25 Jun 2009

Welcome stranger

A phone call and a text message from Mai Po ( Thanks, Bena ! ) with the news that a Great Thicknee was on the 'scrape' at Mai Po on Wednesday 24th June. Perhaps thirty people managed to see it during the afternoon and evening.

It appears to have gone this morning, though.

Great Thicknees occur through the Indian subcontinent, and eastwards through SE Asia to west Yunnan province. There are some records from Hainan, but yesterday's bird appears to be the most easterly yet.

Thanks to the Mai Po WWF staff for finding it and getting the word out.