14 Sept 2008

Birding in Bromsgrove

This is our first time, we both have brought our cameras and lens to UK..... and taken wildlife photos in the garden!
... the first bird I've used my DSLR in UK....ha ha ha!

European Robin and RED ADMIRAL Vanessa atalanta
...hope to get some more shots.

European Robin

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8 Sept 2008

When in Rome...

It's very important to conform to local conditions when travelling. Of course, I try to comply with any reasonable requests. So I was a little perplexed to see THIS on a Hotel Reception Desk in southern Sichuan a few months ago.

5 Sept 2008

Redshank at Mai Po - Sept. 2nd

Redshank brunch.

Many waders at Mai Po, mostly in scruffy autumnal plumages...

Bright-capped Cisticola

Bright-capped Cisticola Sept.1st 2008

Had a tip-off they were out at Ping Yeung, and there they were, exactly where they were first noted in HK in the early 1990s.