15 Jun 2022

Po Yang NNR, Jiangxi Province - December 1989 ( a “Part III”)

Po Yang National Nature Reserve Headquarters at Wu Cheng, Jiangxi

I developed this roll of Ilford FP4 at home, soon after our return to HK from Po Yang Lake National Nature Reserve, (Jiangxi Province) at the end of 1989.

The wildlife shots come over better (obviously !) on the slide film I used, and an account of our trip in living colour is here. And Part II is here.

But, one camera body, one kind of film, one day in the fresh air.

Mike Turnbull and one of the Reserve Staff

At the end of December floodplains of the Yangtze River seemed cold and windswept, even though Nanchang, Jiangxi’s capital was a short flight from Kai Tak.  

So, on the pretence that black-and-white may have captured the grey atmosphere of the area well, here are a few shots.

We were mindful that many of the places we walked would be inundated in eastern China’s hot and wet summers.  

Siberian Cranes

Siberian Cranes, with White-naped Cranes (rear) and Swan Geese (front)

An extensive area of sand dunes, with horizons disappearing in the winter hazes, provided an other-worldly scene. 

Not many birds out there, as it turned out.

miles and miles of sand...

A boat-ride back to Wu Cheng was welcome after a long hike over the dunes !

Back at Wu Cheng town I was intrigued to see people digging away in narrow trenches, and coming up with lintel stones, and other pieces of carved masonry.

The Japanese Air Force had bombed the boatyards and warehouses of Wu Cheng during World War Two. Among the remains of the many ruined buildings, some enterprising recovery and re-cycling was under way.

Some shots from just one memorable day of China birding.  

1 Jun 2022

The WWF Hong Kong “Big Bird Race” - 1988

An annual fund-raising event, started in 1985 with four teams which rapidly expanded to around a dozen. 

“Bucks for Mai Po” was the mantra, and, with many participants from the business world, sums exceeding two million HK dollars were raised annually for Worldwide Fund For Nature’s work at Mai Po Marshes Nature Reserve.

In those days it was a 20-hr event, - 00:01 to 20:00hrs - with the winners declared at the HK Jockey Club Beas River centre later in the evening.  (After 1989 or 1990 they went over to 24hrs, 18:00 to 18:00)

I had an Olympus XA 2 and B&W film.  B&W is sooo “20th Century” don’t you think ?

It was fun, but, By Golly we were all tired by the finish.