6 May 2007

Another Po Toi Island Trip - 5th May 2007

Grey-streaked Flycatcher

Chinese Goshawk

But the seabirds performed well, with seven species of Tern, Arctic Skua, and a couple of Streaked Shearwaters

Grey Nightjar is a long-distance migrant here in HK, but we all had a surprise when we found up to three flying over the open sea.

Most of us (including me) had never seen a murrelet in HK waters before, but this rather sorry-looking individual had some characteristics of Japanese (Crested) Murrelet, including a longish blue-toned bill and the remains of a crest. Opinions have been sought from seabird experts in Japan, Korea and the UK. For now, "the Jury is out".

Very "Hit and Miss" boat trips, but this one was a "Hit". Well organised by Jemi !