6 Jun 2024

Sunshine at Mai Po's boardwalk hides - 17th May 2024


By mid-may, most of the migration excitement is over, but there are still a variety of "gettable" waders and terns at Mai Po Nature Reserve, when conditions are right.

5 Jun 2024

3rd May 2024 - an Ashy Woodswallow "Twitch"

A report by John Allcock - and a well-dropped location "pin" - of HK's fourth Ashy Woodswallow - brightened a dull morning.

Unlike HK's three previous Ashy Woodswallows, this one stayed for a couple of days, to the delight of many, including us.

 Ashy Woodswallow (Artamus fuscus) -     Lam Tsuen Valley, Hong Kong.       3rd May 2024