6 May 2009

"Twitch" for Band-bellied Crake

A mysterious visitor to Hong Kong was first spotted near HKU last Saturday, but it took a while to get the "Buzz" going..

Three friends from the Shenzhen birdwatching society came down to view this rarity. Many HK birders went up to Shenzhen recently for a very obliging Blue-winged Pitta. Reciprocal "Twitching" !

HK's 4th, and so far, only "Twitchable" Band-bellied Crake. One was sick (2002) and two were found dead (in 1977 and 1996). And deceased doesn't count. This beast was alive and kicking. HK tick ! LIFE tick !

Band-bellied Crake

Band-bellied Crake

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