14 Sept 2009

Po Toi - migration "hotspot" Part 1

On Sunday 13th September we were not surprised to find twenty-or-so birders and photographers on the 08:00hrs ferry from Aberdeen to Po Toi. As is usual these days, photographers (including us) were the most numerous.

View from the end of the pier. The famous seafood restaurant is to the left, and the casuarinas, where Dollarbirds and Black-naped Orioles can while away their day, are on the right.

We spotted a Grey-streaked flycatcher before we had left the pier, and found that there were two of them giving eye-level views

Bold and confiding - Grey-streaked Flycatcher

"Get off MY perch" - you might imagine they'd save their energy for flying over the ocean....

The Grey-streaked Flycatcher show drew a good audience


  1. Hi John/Jemi

    Is there anything I need to be wary of in Po Toi island? I am planning to go there for some birding... is it far from pier to walk to that birding spot you have in photo 1?? I need tips please~~ @_@"

  2. Hi Marie,
    Most the birding is usually done looking into the trees and undergrowth around the small bay where the ferry comes in. There are often quite a lot of people around, especially on Sundays, so it's perfectly safe.
    Po Toi can be "hit" or "miss" really depending on the weather, if birds are around you'll usually hear about it from the other birders and photographers.. if it seems like a quiet day for birding, you can escape on an earlier ferry !

    Good Luck !
    J & J