30 Nov 2009

Po Toi Island - 29th November 2009

Some gusts of cool winter air, and some winter visitors have turned up on Po Toi.

If the birds hadn't found Po Toi, who knows where they'd be - next stop the Philippines ?

About two dozen (!) photographers were on the 08:15 ferry from Aberdeen. I can say that I think coverage of Po Toi yesterday was thorough.

There didn't seem to be many people birding for the sake of birding, almost everyone on Po Toi for the birds had a camera.

Including, obviously, me.

We left on the 16:30 boat to Stanley. A hardy few stayed on until the 18:00 ferry back to Aberdeen, but it would have been pretty dark by then.

Red-flanked Bluetail

Daurian Redstart

Little Bunting

Pale Thrush

Pallas's Warbler

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