15 Dec 2009

Ponds 20 and 21 Mai Po Nature Reserve

Pond 21 has been cleared of much vegetation and clutter, resulting in far more open space and water at the south end of the reserve.

It was a time-consuming and expensive job, so "Well done" to the WWF HK managers and staff at Mai Po.

The open area has proved attractive to both duck and cormorants, the latter roost by the hundreds there in late afternoon. (The duck use 20/21 overnight, mostly)

The site is also popular with various raptors as well..

Female Peregrine

Peregrine "harries" a Harrier

Immature Imperial Eagle (thinks it's a harrier !)


So Monday morning found me in the scaffolding and canvas "Conning Tower" hide at the NE corner of Pond 20.

These shots were taken there.


  1. Hi,

    are you sure of the falcon ID ? looks like a hierofalcon to me (e.g. lanner, or given the repartition, saker ?): very long tail and long roundish wings, small mustache and dark underwing coverts

  2. Hi "Anon",
    I'm never totally sure about raptor IDs, but conventional wisdom here in HK is that our big female Peregrines can look a bit like Saker Falcons. A confirmed Saker would be a "First" for HK... but Peregrine is fairly common.
    Thanks for bringing this up... I do mis-identify birds on a regular basis, but I'm reasonably confident about this one.