9 Jan 2010

Imagine my surprise

Confident there would be very few Black-faced Spoonbills to be counted in Deep Bay in late afternoon, I had promised to assist in a Spoonbill survey. Thus at 15:45hrs I was cycling to the boardwalk at Mai Po Nature Reserve.

My impersonation of virtue was "rewarded" when I got a message from Mike "Chiu Yan" Kilburn to the effect that there was an Oystercatcher on the Deep Bay tideline.

On a glorious sunny afternoon - twice as nice because of all the gloomy weather recently - it was still there when I got to the hide.

This was -officially- HK's third Eurasian Oystercatcher ( well fourth if you consider that the second appearance of the species involved two individuals, but I digress) casually basking in the glow of the evening sun.

And "Splendour, splendour, everywhere !" as John Betjeman once wrote ....

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