27 Mar 2010

Pacific Swift

And in the late afternoon, a few Pacific Swifts were among the House Swifts and Swallows over the ponds near Mai Po Nature Reserve..

Apus pacificus

There is some debate in birding circles here about how the Pacific Swifts in HK might be either the south China race "kanoi", or the nominate race, "pacificus" .

If "kanoi" are confusable with House Swifts - well, these were MUCH bigger and should be the nominate "pacificus".


  1. Great captures!
    They're really fast yet you've managed to get it well

  2. Andrew & Unravel

    Thanks for the compliments!
    We were lucky to get some strong afternoon sunlight.
    J & J

  3. Are swifts found in Newcastle nsw. Small birds swooping around my 12th floor apartment.