1 Dec 2010

Enraptured by Raptors at Mai Po

This photos were taken at Pond 20, Mai Po Nature Reserve, today.

Five birds - three species - Greater Spotted and Eastern Imperial Eagles, a fly-by Black Kite !

Greater Spotted Eagles - interesting submissive pose here - "Don't scratch me again, please !"

Greater Spotted Eagle

Black Kite

Eastern Imperial Eagle - a first-year, unlike the two in the first photo in this series

Eastern Marsh Harrier

Oh, and there was an Osprey but I "blew the highlights" on that one. Whoops 


  1. Wow, more great birds, I'm thinking about how I can make it over to HK in 2011.............

  2. Wow the first photo is impressive! Adult Imperial Eagle is definitely one of the birds I'm yearning to see. I've only seen a juvenile once....

  3. Stu,

    Im planning for a visit to HK Mai Poi in May 2011. Wanna meet ?

  4. Nice John/Jemi! Did you walk all the way to pond 20? I find it such a long walk! You do have bird luck, I must say...Really need to follow you one day!

  5. Thanks to all for their comments ! Marie, I cycled to Pond 20, it's too far to carry the heavy lens otherwise !

    Stu, Ayuwat and Jason,

    All the wintering raptors will, of course, be gone by May, but here is a link with info about how to get a permit for Mai Po
    nature Reserve.

    Solo Walk (overseas naturalists on a short-term visit to Hong Kong)

    There are "birdable" tides at Mai Po from 2nd to 10th May and 16th to 24th May 2011.

    Charts of the predicted tides from the Hong Kong Observatory

    Once you are in Hong Kong you can view the tide height "live" at this link

    -the HK Observatory calls it the "real time tide" chart. Sometimes the tide is not as mathematically predicted, the weather can affect it too. As I said in an earlier post, a tide height of 2.1 or 2.2 metres will bring the birds up to the Mai Po Boardwalk hides

    Most birders choose prefer April to May, the spring passage is getting a bit thin by late May. :-)

  6. And I forgot the most important thing... if any of you guys are coming to Hong Kong, I'll be delighted to show you the best birding sites...at ANY time of the year !