24 Oct 2011

My Cherie Amur - Part Deux

I posted back in September that we hadn't seen Amur Falcon in Hong Kong.  

Thanks to a tip-off from Martin Hale - who saw a flock of thirteen at dusk on Sunday evening - I went round to Tsim Bei Tsui at first light today and was fortunate to see two individual Amur Falcons. 

Only one hung around long enough to have its' photo taken…..

Amur Falcon - Falco amurensis  

Tsim Bei Tsui, Hong Kong Oct 24, 2011

Great to finally catch up with this one ! 


  1. Wonderful photos of a very cool catch!

  2. Truly agree with Russell!
    Wonderful photos of my favourite falcon. Hundreds of them have already been reported in Thailand. Haven't seen them for such a long time since I came to Japan. Now I'm really missing them...

  3. Ayuwat, Russell,

    - They're great little falcons.... actually quite confiding, so good for photography and many plumage stages, so a challenge for us all to get age and gender correct.
    Spectacular annual migration as well...