23 Jun 2018

Ushuaia, southern Argentina

23rd to 28th March 2018

Having booked the “Atlantic Odyssey 2018” voyage we returned to Ushuaia again.

Hotel Tolkeyen, where we stayed

Chilean Skuas - Stercorarius chilensis

One of the faster catamarans

"El Che" seafront office

We had opted for a slower, smaller boat;- “El Che” - with a view to photographing Magellanic Diving-Petrels, but saw none.  Instead there were plenty of other things to admire. 

Imperial Shag - Phalacrocorax atriceps

Imperial Shag - Phalacrocorax atriceps

South American Terns - Sterna hirundinacea

South American Tern - Sterna hirundinacea
South American Sea Lion

Humpback Whale fluke - too close !

Tour boat near Les Eclaireurs lighthouse

South American Sea Lion

Magellanic Penguin (juv) - Spheniscus magellanicus

Southern Giant-Petrel - Macronectes giganteus
Chilean Skua - Stercorarius chilensis

Black-browed Albatross - Thalassarche melanophris

Southern Fulmar - Fulmarus glacialoides

Blackish Cinclodes - Cinclodes antarcticus

We had a couple of hours at Ushuaia’s rubbish dump east of town, where White-throated Caracaras topped our list of sought-after birds. This is an easy trip by taxi or hired car. 

White-throated Caracara - Phalcoboenus albogularis

Black-chested Buzzard-Eagle - Geranoaetus melanoleucus

Southern Caracara - Caracara plancus

Our excursion to Garibaldi Pass for White-bellied Seedsnipe was unsuccessful, despite Steve Smith’s thorough directions. 

Seedsnipe habitat....
An afternoon in Tierra Del Fuego National Park was memorable for clear weather and stunning scenery, as well as some good birds.

Tierra Del Fuego National Park

View across Beagle channel from the NP

Flightless Steamer Ducks - Tachyeres pteneres

Grey-flanked Cinclodes - Cinclodes oustaleti

Magellanic Woodpecker - Campephilus magellanicus

Magellanic Woodpecker - Campephilus magellanicus

A well-spent few days to get over our jet lag, and to ready ourselves for boarding the ship. 


  1. Hi John: Great series of images as always. Some outstanding birds to be sure. Brings back great memories of my visit to southern Chile a few years ago. We will be off to Australia in September and to,Panama next April.

    1. You'll enjoy Australia David ! - Looking forward to the photos i.d.c.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Steve - my main issue is identifying the seabirds correctly - I might need your help as the posts continue....!

  3. Fantastic John. Fave has to be the Southern Fulmar...........

    1. Thanks, Stu - Southern Fulmar seems very different to the Northern ones..