12 Oct 2018

Po Toi Island, Hong Kong - 11th October 2018

Dark-sided Flycatcher - Muscicapa sibirica
Po Toi Island is Hong Kong’s southernmost island, and a migration hotspot. Nine or ten birders/photographers, including ourselves, caught the 10:00 ferry from the Aberdeen promenade.

Tin Hau Temple, Po Toi

Migrant birds have limited pockets of habitat on Po Toi, and even fewer places to hide there since Typhoon “Mangkhut” in mid-September.

Areas of brown vegetation, hillside scrub killed off by the typhoon’s salt spray, could be seen everywhere above the shoreline along our ferry journey from Aberdeen. 

White-bellied Sea Eagles - Haliaeetus leucogaster

On Stanley peninsula a pair of resident White-bellied Sea Eagles surveyed us as we passed. 

Here are a few shots of some of the birds seen, as usual, some birds are seen by some birders and not others. A mid-week ferry gives only a three-hour window for birding.

Red Turtle-Dove - Streptopelia tranquebarica

Black Drongo - Dicrurus macrocercus

Yellow-browed Warbler - Phylloscopus inornatus
Dark-sided Flycatcher - Muscicapa sibirica

Dark-sided Flycatcher - Muscicapa sibirica

(Asian) Brown Flycatcher - Muscicapa latirostris

(Asian) Brown Flycatcher - Muscicapa latirostris

Bird of the Po Toi day was probably a Spectacled Warbler (Seicercus sp.) - photographed by someone else and not seen by yours truly at all !