28 Oct 2019

October in the Deep Bay area

White-shouldered Starling

Cooler weather means much nicer conditions to be out and about, with the added incentive of some migrating birds. White-shouldered Starlings (above) may have bred in Hong Kong and are about to leave.

October can be a month of rarities - but not so much this year after Long Valley’s Red-backed Shrike.

Sand Martins, Blue-tailed Bee-Eater and Chinese Grosbeak - not rare but welcome.

Red-billed Blue Magpies are now breeding at Mai Po. 

I made a couple of visits to the boardwalk at Mai Po Nature Reserve.  

Out in Deep Bay, duck, such as Garganey and Pintail are growing in number.

Whimbrel like to roost on top of the boardwalk hides, so can be easily photographed. 

Other waders are around, too...PG Plover, Marsh Sandpiper and Sharp-tailed Sandpiper below -

Black-faced Spoonbills had increased to about thirty the day I took this - HK's "peak count" has been over 400 in November.

Nearby, Whiskered Terns were over the fishponds at Tai Sang Wai, they are not as fine-looking as in spring, but beauty is only feather deep ! 

A single White-winged Tern (centre)....

The terns will move on, but Grey Heron numbers increase in winter. 

Birding in HK is not a "wilderness experience" - foreground: abandoned pig farm, bananas and scrub-covered hillside. In the background, the high-rise on the centre and right is much-needed public housing.

Amur Falcons…. this adult male is unusual, but typically distant….

there…at least this AF is closer !

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  1. Another great selection John. The Greenshank with the fish in its beak is the best though!