21 Nov 2019

Mid-November at Nam Sang Wai, Hong Kong

Sunday, 17th November 2019

Normally I wouldn’t visit Nam Sang Wai on a Sunday, but these are not normal times.

My thinking was that the NT circular road might be congested on a weekday, so my NSW visit would be on a Sunday, or not at all.

I got there as the sun was breaking the horizon, and a picturesque mist hung over NSW’s reed beds.

Well, it seemed that ducks and gulls hadn’t found their way to Nam Sang Wai yet this winter, but Collared Crows (Corvus torquatus) were active in the area.

There were a few Black-faced Spoonbills (Platalea minor) around, one of which came close enough for a decent flight photo.

There was a spectacular fly-off of Great Cormorants at about 07:20.

Two identical videos !  When I work out how to get rid of one, I shall do so !

Bonus bird of the day was the Pied Kingfisher (Ceryle rudis) that hovered in the early morning sunshine.  

It dived into the water behind a stand of mangrove… 

...but came into view again with a fish in its’ clutches, which it subdued as it passed me.

I’ll try Nam Sang Wai again in December, to see if the duck are appearing then.

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  1. Great shots, John. I am sure that birding must be a welcome break from all that is going on in Hong Kong right now.

  2. Love the misty morning shots - not something seen in Hk that often. Also the amazing in-flight Pied Kingfisher pics - brilliant!