20 Apr 2021

At the Mai Po boardwalk hides, 20th April 2021

Out at the Mai Po Nature Reserve boardwalk hides today there was a fine selection of migrating birds..
None of them announced themselves as they approached within camera range, so, like me, you can work them out for yourself !


  1. i) top most photo = Curlew SP
    ii) 3rd & 4th = Lesser SP
    iii) Trio = Sandelings
    iv) Next = most likely Red-necked Stint
    v) Egret = Chinese
    vi) Next = another Red-neck stint
    vii) Looks like a Red Knot
    viii) Most Likely a Far Eastern Curlew.

  2. Hi “Anon”, Thanks for commenting - all correct except 3rd pic is a Greater Sand Plover...

  3. Spring Waders - love them! Your birds are way ahead of ours, most over here are still in winter plumage with some (Dunlin for example) just beginning to show a bit of coloring here and there.

  4. Of course we’re in the tropics here in HK, and our spring will be all over sooner than yours, Jeremy !

  5. Hope I can make it back to Mai Po for the waders once the pandemic is over.........

    1. And you’ll be welcome when the day comes !