21 Jul 2021

More Ferry Good Birding

Hong Kong’s first Brown Noddy was photographed off Po Toi Island by Geoff Welch umpteen years ago. The second bird was seen near Po Toi last year during a typhoon. BUT in July 2021 we now appear to have two different Brown Noddys at the same time in HK. Firstly, a bird that has been around for 3-4 weeks in the waters to HK’s northeast - presently delighting photographers east of Tap Mun Island. http://matthewkwanbirding.blogspot.com/2021/07/brown-noddy-mid-summer-twitch.html AND FOURTH, found by people last week tern-watching on the Cheung Chau to Central Ferry, this bird I photographed today, 21st July, also from the back of the public ferry.
Five photos of this very worn and abraded individual, and a couple of shots of one of the ferries (just like ours) - someone going the other way seems to be looking out for the Noddy, too !


  1. What would life be without a rarity here and there? Great coverage, John.

    1. Thanks, David - the Brown Noddy made my week !

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  3. Wish I had seen one! My HK ferry birding experience hasn't added up to much - probably should have kept off the beer! Great pics by the way!