27 Feb 2023

Look who's here - Mai Po at the end of February

Might as well enjoy the Oriental White Storks (Ciconia boyciana) while we've got them

We had a trip out to the Pearl Delta on the 19th February, on the HK Dolphinwatch boat.  Apart from the incomparable Chinese White Dolphins (Sousa chinensis)... 

......there were about two hundred migrating gulls on the water, including about seventy Black-tailed Gulls (L. crassirostris).

And gulls at the Mai Po boardwalk, too - 

Pallas's Gull (l) and Black-headed Gull (r)

"Heuglins" Gull - Larus fuscus heuglini

"Heuglins" Gull - Larus fuscus heuglini

Pink legs on a LWHGull ? - points to Larus vegae mongolicus

Larus vegae mongolicus - 2cy, I think

Pallas's Gull, greeted by a "mongolicus"

Don't get me started on the shifting sands of Gull Taxonomy.