25 Mar 2007

Big Bird Race 2007

Completed the 24th Hong kong WWF "Big Bird Race" yesterday as a "Jebsen Holidays Wandering Tattler".

Many Thanks to Jebsen for our Team sponsorship. They sponsored TWO teams in this years' race! The Tattlers were Gavin Cooper (Captain), Andrew Young, Tim Woodward and Roger Muscroft. And me.

We saw (or heard) 157 species, which put us third, the winners were the "Professionals" who scored 162, and won the most important prize, the one for raising the most money.

Our first birds were at 1700hrs on Friday evening on Pond 77 at Tsim Bei Tsui. We had a nice breeding plumage Saunders's Gull there, so we were off to a good start.

The 157th bird was Chinese Spotbill on pond 8 at Mai Po Nature Reserve.

Here's a picture of Saunders's Gull I took a few days ago.

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