21 Aug 2009

Po Toi - spiders and spiders

On Tuesday 17th I made a manly pioneering foray to Po Toi Island.

Er, okay, actually, I went out there with "Mr Po Toi" Geoff Welch, and once we got started I let him go first down the overgrown byways.

The reason for my caution was due to fear of woodland spiders on Po Toi that can devour* human visitors.

The spiders can grow to a width of five feet. Lurking in the shadows they can sense human sweat, suncream and insect repellent from a long way off.

Springing from their pathside lairs they can knock down a full-grown man and rip off his head with a single snap of their razorlike mandibles**.

We survived, and Geoff's report - including being almost snaffled by a waterspout - is here:

"Po Toi Autumn" thread on the HKBWS website

*Parts of this account may not be entirely true
** Complete fantasy, actually

We come in peace !

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