9 Aug 2010

Bamei to Danba, Ganze, Western Sichuan

There has been a LOT of rain in parts of China this year, bringing tragedy to many people.

Our 18 days in Sichuan were - luckily for us - mostly dry.

We found the plains very hot and hazy near Chengdu, but the weather around Kangding and further west was bright and clear, as you can see here.....

Grasslands near Bamei

Yala Shan, 5820m

Then the road followed the river through an interesting gorge, with a few noteworthy birds to be seen.

Apus pacificus, race "kanoi" ?

Snow Pigeon

distant Himalayan Griffon Vultures

Approaching Danba

P.S. And no, I'm afraid we didn't see any pheasants. We were travelling with my non-birding sister and not really "birding" at all.

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  1. Welcome back!
    Lots of interesting photos here, especially the landscape shots.
    I like Snow Pigeons. I've seen them once in Arunachal and I just love it when they circling through the forest and hills. They look especially white in flight.