9 August 2010

Towards Sichuan's "Wild West" - Bamei, Ganze Prefecture

Bamei is a town north of Tagong, about 3000m in elevation. There is a monastery nearby.

Until a few days ago, to me, it was just a dot on a map between Tagong and Danba, in western Sichuan.

But when we got there I was pleasantly surprised. The place was a bit dusty, but the view of the snow-capped peak of Yala Shan - obscured by a new radio mast, I admit - helped to make the place feel a bit special.

I sat on the steps outside our hotel and took these photos. It was really great spending a couple of hours just watching the world go by.

I must be getting a bit obsessed images of Tibetan motorcyclists, I admit.

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  1. Fantastic Images,from a wonderful part of the World.