3 Oct 2010

Introduction to Belgium - Bruges and Ghent

Belgium - what's not to like ?

We travelled by train to Brussels from St Pancras in London in less than two hours - Channel Tunnel - Tick - and Bruges, where these pics were taken was just an hour further on...

Sadly, we missed Percy

Leffe beer

Three hundred and-a-lot steps to the top

Three-litre beer glass for the very brave

We settled on "the finest beer in the world" - a lot of them claim that, don't they ?

but "Delerium Tremens" (8.5%) must be close

We weren't birding in Belgium, so more off-topic stuff from there later.


  1. Didn't know Percy Sledge was still alive............

    That is one serious beer. When I lived in Germany I often drank 1 litre glasses but 3 litres is just insane...........

  2. Perhaps "Percy" is a Flemish-singing impostor !

    To be fair, the guy with the large beer shared it with four other companions.

    I was drinking in much wimpier quantities !