18 Oct 2010

Po Toi Boat Trip

An under-subscribed Hong Kong Birdwatching Society boat trip to Po Toi Island … “and HK’s southern waters”.

Bus, train and tunnel bus (170 Hung Hom to Wah Kwai) got me to Aberdeen Public Pier in good time for the 07:30 sailing. The public ferry at 10:00hrs to Po Toi would have been rather cheaper, but the society’s hired boat had a good head start.

Choppy weather, but it looked like experienced sailors weren’t worried.

Grey-headed Lapwing is a long-distance migrant and winter visitor to HK. Still, it came as a surprise to find this group flying over the sea near Repulse Bay.

Grey-headed Lapwing

Tin Hau Temple, mouth of Po Toi Harbour

Eastern Reef Egret

Ashy Drongo

More migrants were in the woods of Po Toi itself. Bird of the day – and a “First” for Po Toi - was a White-throated Rock Thrush. This was missed by me, but there are photos on the HKBWS website here: -


Some other migrants below.

Lime Butterfly - Papilio demoleus

Red-throated Flycatcher

Er... small raptor - working on this ID

DEBATE here :


But the return boat trip (13:00 to 16:00) to Victoria Harbour via the West Lamma Channel was seabird-free.


  1. lovely trip...and too bad i missed it. Typhoon Megi is coming in, any chance for birds shelter in Po Toi? I wanna go see, but i don't think the ferry will run. Do you think there's a gd chance for birds to take shelter at the Cape D'Arguilar?

  2. I'm sure Typhoon Megi will bring some interesting birds to Hong Kong, but - as you say - the ferries will not run to and from Po Toi in rough seas.

    As this Typhoon is so big, I think it's a good idea to stay well away from Cape D'Aguilar.

    I tried to bird there a few years ago but my binoculars kept getting too wet to see anything !