2 Nov 2010

Long Valley Hallowe'en

There are a few pumpkins at Long Valley, but no witches that I've noticed.

Last Sunday (Oct. 31st) was a day of the finest autumnal Hong Kong weather, it was fine, clear and cool.

We ended our birding day at LV.

Pacific Golden Plover

Yellow Wagtail (taivana)

Olive-backed Pipit

Wood Sandpiper

After the sun had set, a few latestayers - including us - were treated to the sight of a Chestnut Bittern foraging in fairly light cover.... "bird of the day" !

Chestnut Bittern*

*but I prefer "Cinnamon" for this one, don't you ?


  1. Nice birds, esp the Bittern. Autumn is here too and we even had a a bit of sleet/snow last week..........

  2. Love the opening shot! The background is just amazing and plover of course looks really nice. Congrats for getting photos of the bittern as well. It's a really difficult bird to photograph.

  3. Thanks Stu, Ayuwat..

    No snow here, thank heavens.....