11 Nov 2010

Nam Sang Wai, Hong Kong

Near the old police post at Nam Sang Wai the Kam Tin and Yuen Long River channels meet.

Three elements are required for good photo opportunities..

1) Low tide - between 0.5 and 1.0 metres is ideal;
2) Early morning sunshine;
3) Wintering birds present, such as duck, Black-faced Spoonbills, Herons and Waders


Spotted Redshank

Black-faced Spoonbill

Common Greenshank

Black-winged Stilt

Grey Heron

Oh, and a fourth requirement - "BE THERE"

Some examples taken this week.


  1. Wow these photos are seriously nice! Love the first landing shot of the shoveler.

  2. That Spoonbill shot is just fantastic!

  3. Hey, could u pls explain...just couldnt understand the tide thing. For MP hides, best tidal is 1-2m? But NSW is 0.5-1m? Nice shot of the BFS...i didn't see it last wk I was there!

  4. Ayuwat, Stu, Marie, thanks for the compliments.... fortunately the birds are used to people at Nam Sang Wai and quite easy to photograph there.

    Most the bird action is at the water's edge, and it takes a tide height of 2.2m to bring the tideline to the older hides at Mai Po. But at NSW the mud-edged river channel is exposed at tides lower than 1.0m.

    It's only 3 - 4 km from the Mai Po hides, but conditions are different !

  5. ah! Thanks for the detailed explanation!