5 Apr 2011

Green-winged Teal at Mai Po Nature Reserve, Hong Kong

The bird was first seen on  February 20, 2011 from boardwalk, Mai Po Nature Reserve, and seen again on the following day 

These were the first sightings of this species in Hong Kong for twenty years.  However the bird proved very elusive and a lot of people missed it in February.

On April 4th I found this beast again, at Pond 20, Mai Po.  After a couple of phone calls there was a a bit of a "Twitch".

Green-winged Teal  Anas carolinensis

The bird was seen by more people again today, April 5th.

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  1. There was one of these in Hakodate a couple of years ago, I only found out about it when there was a picture in the newspaper a week after it had been sighted (and it had flown off in the meantime).