12 Apr 2011

"Wader Week" at Mai Po Nature Reserve, Hong Kong

Actually, any week in April could be considered a "Wader Week" at Mai Po, and here are a few shots taken during the first week of April.

Due to the dry weather there seem to be fewer migrants around in this peak migration season, but still plenty to look at besides rarities like Spoon-billed Sandpiper mentioned elsewhere on the blog.

From the new hide, with barge and Shenzhen in the distance 

 Mostly Curlew Sandpipers.....

 ......with the odd Greater Sandplover mixed in.

 A lot of breeding plumage on display

Pacific Golden Plover near the tideline

We itinerant birders will be on the move until May, so apologies in advance for irregular postings here !


  1. Wow, never seen so many Curlew Sands together........

  2. Wonderful, John. Where are you off to now??!

  3. Stu, Dave, - we're off to Baimaxueshan, in NW Yunnan

  4. I've been reading up about Mai Po. Sounds like an absolutely great birding venue but a bit tricky to visit?

    Do you have to join a guided tour to get the best out of it?

  5. Hi Stu.,

    WWF HK have a "solo Walk for overseas visitors" that would probably fit the bill.

    Getting the link is a bit tricky from here, I'm in Yunnan (Black-necked Cranes yesterday !) But can't log-in to blogger easily

  6. Hi John, yes I checked that but it seemed to say some of the floating hides and other facilities could only be accessed if you go on a tour. The tour may be the easier option anyway.

    No worries, I have no immediate plans to visit but it's definitely high up on the 'list'.

    How do you visit? Do HK based residents get special permits?

    Black Necked Crane-nice!

  7. It was A Very nice Center

  8. @ Preeti, - So you've been to Mai Po ? How were the birds ?

    @ Stu - yes, if a HK resident belongs to both the HK Birdwatching Society and WWF, it is usually possible to get an annual pass

  9. All these bird photos bring back such wonderful memories birding at Mai Po. Great shots!