15 Nov 2011

Black-capped Kingfisher at Mai Po, Hong Kong

Well, the cold front came and it chucked it down for a couple of days.

The less-than-ideal viewing conditions for waders didn't seem to matter when this Black-capped Kingfisher was patrolling the mudflats in front of the boardwalk hide.

Halcyon pileata - Black-capped Kingfisher

My much-thumbed 1954 edition of "Hong Kong Birds" by Geoffrey Herklots has a painting of this on the cover, a fine rendition by Commander A. M. Hughes.

Hong Kong's four commoner kingfishers - including this one - were a key factor in luring me into the world of birding.


  1. Wonderful bird and truly awesome pics. Especially the flight shots.

  2. Wow I've never been able to capture kingfisher in flight before! Love the raindrops on its head.

  3. Thanks everyone !

    I couldn't go wrong with a model as handsome as this one.... early winter seems to be the time when the most individuals of Black-capped Kingfisher are around.

  4. Fantastic images, John... congratulations!!

  5. .....and Thanks, Terry ! More soon, we've been on a trip....