27 Apr 2012

More spring waders at Mai Po Nature Reserve, Hong Kong

This week the spring tides in Deep Bay have been high and many of the waders have been leaving the tideline long before the water gets to the Mai Po boardwalk hides.  AND the weather has been hot and humid.

So, I'm already nostalgic for last week, when these photos were taken. 

An assortment of shorebirds from the Deep Bay mudflats ….

Broad-billed Sandpiper - Limicola falcinellus

Curlew Sandpiper - Calidris ferruginea

Terek Sandpiper - Xenus cinereus

Long-billed Dowitcher - Limnodromus scolopaceus

Bar-tailed Godwit and Greater Sand Plover - Limosa lapponica and Charadrius leschenaultii (and Curlew Sands, inevitably...)

Little Stint - Calidris minuta

Sharp-tailed Sandpiper - Calidris acuminata

A number of leg-flagged birds serve as living flagships for the hordes of waders on their northerly migration…  many waders "refueling" in Hong Kong have wintered in Australia

(Red-necked Stint and Curlew Sandpiper, both flagged in NW Australia - and duly reported elsewhere)

This Curlew Sandpiper was flagged in Thailand 

And "Spring" isn't over yet !


  1. Another beautiful series. Love the colours of these spring waders.

    1. I'm going to have to stop looking a this blog - you're killing me with these pics!

    2. Hi Dave, Mun...

      Actually I'm "killing" myself.... it's a long sweaty march out to the hides... (but sometimes worth it !)

  2. I just love this post! Waders in their breeding plumage is one of my most favourite things to watch. And just like Dave, your photos are killing me!

  3. Oh, and nice to know that Curlew Sandpiper spent its holiday in Thailand.

    1. Ayuwat,

      Thailand is a great place to spend the winter, obviously ! AND I've been admiring your photos on OBI of some of these

  4. Love the Dowitcher, are they annual?

    1. Hi Paul, Yes two or three Long-billed Dowitchers each winter and/or on passage .... perhaps there'll be one in the Phillippines soon ?