9 May 2012

Caspian Terns - taking the plunge !

A variety of Terns seasonally patrol the fishponds of Hong Kong's northwest New Territories.  Whiskered, White-winged, Little and Common are among the more frequent takers of small fish. 

This low-key theft is usually a discreet business, but the World's Biggest Tern doesn't do "discreet".

This Caspian Tern managed to look like a jumbo jet crashing as it went in head first for whatever it could get, and it came out of the water with a lot of droplets shaken and scattered all over the place….  but don't take my word for it…

Caspian Terns - Hydroprogne caspia

A "Good Spring" for admirers of this species. In mid-April there were nearly two hundred of them at Mai Po Nature Reserve.  


  1. Very nice. Great bird and you got some good BIF shots here.

    AFAIK I alone have seen the only one ever recorded in Hokkaido......no really. This was also my first bird in Australia, a flock of 'em sitting in the middle of the roundabout outside Cairns Airport.......

  2. Stu, interesting to know they get that far north..... and if I saw them on a roundabout I'd probably drive into something !

    Andrew, Thanks....

  3. You're so good at taking action shots, John! I love seeing the Caspian Terns. They're really smart especially in breeding plumage. Too bad, they'd never let me get close to them like that in Thailand.

  4. "Too bad, they'd never let me get close to them like that in Thailand."

    Ayuwat, I think it must have been hungry !