3 Aug 2022

Hong Kong’s three species of breeding tern from the Ma Liu Shui - Wong Shek Ferry - 2nd August 2022

An afternoon ferry trip this time, in hot and clear conditions. We left Ma Liu Shui (15 minutes stroll from MTR: Chinese University) at 15:00hrs.

There were about twenty photographers on board, soon lined up at the rear of the boat.

The “Tern Action” really peaked between Tap Mun and Chek Keng with 120 or more Black-naped Terns, a few Bridled Terns, and one or two Roseate Terns following the ferry.

All shots taken with the “Canon classic” 400mm 5.6 lens and a 1Dx Mk 2.


  1. As always, John, you have proven yourself to be the master of the flight shot.

  2. I'll second that David! Simply beautiful shots!

  3. Well that's 3 more breeding species of tern than we get in Hokkaido...!