16 Jun 2010

"Hung Fa Leng" - northeast New Territories

Overcast skies and light rain brought a bit of relief from the summer sunshine.

Off to the hills for a short stroll, then.

Starling Inlet - not named after a bird, but after a ship that was named after a bird - "HMS Starling"

near Au Ha Tsuen
Built in 1933 ? - a minor miracle this place hasn't already been converted into peach-tiled village houses.

Rose Myrtle
- the fruit should be edible in a couple of months.

Chinese Lily
- with a beetle !

Crested Serpent Eagle - the lighter feathers on the wing coverts mean this is a young bird.


  1. Lovely photos of Chinese flowers!
    The Rose Myrtle looks very sweet.

  2. Hi John...

    DO you know if its easy to get the Mai Po permit and FCA if I am a WWF and HKBWS member?? Do i have to apply myself or the society can handle for me?? THANKS!

  3. You can apply yourself for the permits; the sample letter (from the HKBWS website is here)


    Hope this helps !