6 May 2014

Drifting along

I mentioned in my post about the successful boat trip of 26th April that we planned to do it all again.

And so we did, on Saturday 3rd May.  But the weather was clearer and the birds fewer. One of the few highlights of last Saturday's boat trip was this Aleutian Tern

Inevitably, if there are migrant seabirds around, there may well be Red-necked Phalaropes, like this one.

Gloomy weather in the last couple of days has meant a lot of migrant birds showing at the boardwalk hides at Mai Po.  One or two phalarope would not be unusual, but a flock of thirteen is the most I've seen there for ages.  (Black-faced Spoonbills bottom left)

This afternoon numbers were back down to two, but they both showed well in front of the Twin Hides...

A female, obviously.

Pretty breeders, aren't they ?


  1. Great pics of the RLP and tern......................

  2. The Aleutian Tern is really quite striking with those markings and I really like the flight shots with the head markings and shape of the wings! Some nice results despite the weather.

  3. Thanks, Russell and Stu…..Aleutian Terns are handsome beasts