24 May 2010

Last Call for spring migrants

Nice sunlight at the Mai Po boardwalk today. It was cool first thing this morning, but pretty soon felt like summer had arrived.

Gull-billed Tern (Breeding Plumage)
Gull-billed Tern - Non-breeding plumage

Osprey with fish

Caspian Terns

And a VERY LATE Long-billed Dowitcher

A few waders apart from the Dowitcher were still about, but they stayed on the tideline.


  1. nice! Just bought a HK bird guide book...saw some of your photos contributions. ;)

  2. Hi Marie,
    The "Photo Guide to HK Birds" is good value... and I'm not just saying that because J & J's photos are in it !
    The production Team (not us) did a good job, too !

  3. Hey, I realised that the HKBWS organises morning trips to the Shing Mun res. Do you know if there's anything worthwhile to check out this summer? I find landbirds are pretty hard to see...only hear them call. @_@"

  4. Personally, I would not try too hard for landbirds in summer, the breeding birds in June/July will be feeding young and being secretive, plus it will be hot !

    There will be some Terns on outlying islands, but in summer I might look for butterflies and dragonflies instead !

  5. Thanks for the info! You're really the bird expert. Yes, I saw a flock of egrets, white bellied eagles and nesting sparrows on Tap Mun. I see you're been around the SE Asia birding...but no Singapore? (where i come from). Should check out the Sungei Buloh wetland reserve! ;))

  6. We've been to Sungei Buloh (in 2006), it was a nice place.

    We also enjoyed the Singapore Botanical Gardens, where we saw Blue-winged Pitta !

  7. I've seen both those Tern species in Hokkaido where they are very rare, in fact all Terns are rare here......

    Great blog, nice to read about stuff from the same (ish) part of the world.

  8. Stu,

    And in spring, they are mostly heading your way....but it's slow going here in Hong Kong in midsummer, I'm afraid.