12 May 2010

Waders at the Mai Po boardwalk, 11th and 12th May

Some not-too-high tides at Mai Po these last few days, and we made an effort to catch some of the more tardy northbound waders on the Deep Bay tideline.

Red-necked Stint - one of about 2,000 on Tuesday

Terek Sandpiper

Broadbilled Sandpipers

Red Knot - with supporting cast

Greater Sandplover

A good "find" for us was this Little Stint. In non-breeding plumage they are very hard to separate from Red-necked Stints, but I'm pretty confident about THIS one !

Little Stint

Clearer weather is forecast and it looks like the Mai Po Wader Show is pretty much over for another spring.....


  1. Nice pics - shame some of us have to work for a living! Very smart Little stint. Andrew

  2. Wow lots of great photos of the waders in their beautiful breeding plumage!
    I really like the sandplover landing shot.

  3. Lovely images of the Shorebirds. I particularly like your Red-necked Stint image.

  4. Stunning pics John - jealous!!

  5. Thanks for all your comments, folks... we were lucky to get them close in decent light ;-)