17 Feb 2011

Tai Tong Country Park, Yuen Long

After a tip-off, we went to the fringes of Tai Tong Country Park - which is well away from where we would normally go birding.

But after two good days there I realize we should go there more often !

Rufous-gorgetted Flycatcher

Black Bulbul

 (Toad fans...  look away now !)

Greater-necklaced Laughingthrush

Olive-backed Pipit

Red-flanked Bluetail

Grey-backed Thrush (m)

Pale Thrush

Grey-backed Thrush (f)

A combination of cold weather, food scraps from picnickers, fallen fruit, - mainly from Persian lilac (Melia azerdarach) - has created a bird buffet.

Thrushes are usually very shy here in Hong Kong, but their hunger has made them bolder in the last few days.


  1. Nice work, thrushes are very shy here too, a bit of a change from boldly hopping across the lawn and singing from the top of the house like in the UK..........

  2. Stu, yes, it's been a great winter here for thrushes...