13 February 2011

WWF Big Bird Race, Hong Kong 12th Feb 2011 06:30 to 18:30

On the principle that a picture is worth a thousand words - a thousand of mine, anyway - some Coolpix shots from yesterday.

Pre-dawn at Ho Chung


At Tai Po Kau

Gavin, Andrew and Tim

The "All-Stars" - l. to r. - Dave Stanton, Mike Turnbull, Chris Campion and Geoff Welch

WE were the "Wandering Tattlers"

Even though a cold front had just reached Hong Kong, mercifully, it didn't rain. It is raining today, though.

The "Eagles"

At Long Valley

Mai Po

Black-faced Spoonbills on a fishpond

l. to r. - John Allcock, Dylan Thomas, Paul Crow and Paul Leader

The "Professionals" tot up their winning score

Richard Lewthwaite and Mike Kilburn

At the post-race dinner

This year's Big Bird Race raised more than one million Hong Kong Dollars for WWF Hong Kong.

I'm pleased to report that my team - the "Wandering Tattlers" raised the most money.  With my having been out-of-town it was my fellow Tattlers who did all the good work in this respect:- Gavin Cooper (Recorder), Andrew Young, Tim Woodward and Roger Muscroft.  


  1. Nice pics - a few more words identifying familiar faces would be nice for my ailing memory! Glad to know you had Tim on your team. Did he tell you we went to the same primary school? Haven't seen him since then actually!

  2. Dave -
    I've expanded the captions a bit.... not sure who else would ring any bells with you.