22 Nov 2012

Nam Sang Wai, Hong Kong, 22nd Nov. 2012

The tide didn't drop to a "good" height for photography until about 10:00hrs, but the prospect of a bit of sunshine led me to decide to get down there and see what might be possible.

A couple of dozen Tufted Duck drifted in the creek and there was enough light for a few inflight shots.

Inevitably, a few Great Cormorants were moving about, too.

Once the mud next to the slipway was exposed, a Spotted Redshank came obligingly close…

followed by a Black-winged Stilt

A Black-faced Spoonbill landed only twenty metres away..

This is a rather grubby young bird; - only the more mature ones have a black bill pattern like scorched wood.

The view of the Nam Sang Wai slipway as I left ( The high rise buildings are in Shenzhen ).

Not the most beautiful of sites for photography, but there always seems to be something around.


  1. Nice shots John, esp. the spotshanks. I am working until Monday but might get out next week, weather permitting.

  2. Nice set of images, John. Isn't that always the case where the "ugly" places are usually great for birds...

  3. Nice close up of the Spoonbill John.........

  4. Thanks, everyone !

    Now HK seems to be having a week of unseasonal rain..... I blame Climate Change.

  5. You always capture the best flight shots, John! I've never had luck in capturing ducks in flight....

    1. Ayuwat,

      fortunately, it's very open at NSW and photographers can see them coming... !