10 Apr 2010

Mai Po still "closed"

... and, - I hear you say - " Glenn Miller is STILL missing !"

Well, it has seemed like a long time since March 31st.

Here are two shots from a day before the "closure" of Great Knots with leg flags

Black-over-white - flagged at Chongming Island, near Shanghai

"KDB" on a yellow flag - flagged last autumn near Broome, Western Australia

This afternoon I was birding on the access road to Mai Po - like some sort of outcast - and I met some bird ringers - dedicated scientists, all of them, who had been allowed into Mai Po Nature Reserve after signing some sort of disclaimer.

So, we can't even view Mai Po birds, most of us, but people like ringers, who actually HANDLE them, can get in.

I mean no criticism of the ringers, whose dedication I admire, but the inconsistent attitude of AFCD and the rest of Government makes no sense to me at all.

If we're willing to sign disclaimers - why can't the rest of us go in ?

Watch this space.

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