22 Apr 2010

Terns at Mai Po Access Road, 20th and 21st April

On the principle that if you take enough photos, SOME will look fairly decent, I weeded my way through seven hundred shots of Whiskered Tern taken in the late afternoon of 20th April....

Whiskered Tern

And, as if vying for attention, the Little Terns performed pretty well the following morning (on the 21st).

Little Terns

Both these species of Tern are passage migrants in Hong Kong. Usually we just get a narrow window of opportunity to see them as they head north in spring. This year, strong easterly winds have kept them inland and over the fishponds surrounding Deep Bay more than usual.

Later on 21st April, we sauntered out to the Mai Po boardwalk to catch our first high tide since March 30th.

More about THAT later...

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