27 Apr 2010

Waders at Mai Po

A good variety of late spring waders around at Mai Po Nature Reserve in the last few days.

Far Eastern Curlew

Red-necked Stint with Western Australian leg flag

Curlew Sandpiper with Victoria or South Australia leg flag

Lesser Sandplover

f Greater Sandplover - already reported via the AWSG website

A variety of "the usual suspects" including Pacific Golden Plover, Black-tailed Godwit, Avocets etc.

This late in the Mai Po "season" there are fewer waders around, but this year's breeders are already well into their breeding plumage. Using the East Asian "flyway", the birds that wintered in, for example, Australia, have mostly passed through Hong Kong, heading northwards to breed on the tundra of the Siberian Arctic. However, some laggards are still passing through.

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