6 Mar 2012

Yunnan - Jan/Feb 2012 Part Five - Lashihai and Lijiang

Common Cranes - Grus grus

On our previous visit, Lashihai had a number of places where tourists could access the lakeshore and go for boat rides of various kinds.  This activities have now been supplemented by the creation of a "Lijiang Lashihai Wetland Park".  We paid our 30RMB admission fee  and drove around the perimeter of the area.  There were a good number of wetland birds to be seen. We counted fifty-six Common Cranes but there were no Black-necked Cranes.

Entrance Gate

A newly-completed guesthouse (I think)


Bar-headed Geese - Anser indicus

Ruddy Shelduck - Tadorna ferruginea

There was a pleasing number of duck and coot bobbing on the lake surface in the cold wind.  It was the place (confession) where we missed having a 'scope… but we still got Falcated Teal, Goldeneye, Gadwall and Red-crested Pochard, to name but four.

Back in town we spent one morning visiting Black Dragon Pool Park, but saw few birds of note there.  Momentary excitement at the call of Hwamei was soon tempered by the sight of one in a cage.

The path to Black Dragon Pool Park

Lijiang is still dominated by the sight of Yulongxueshan:-  "Jade Dragon Snow Mountain". Which is a substantial name for a substantial mountain.

View from our hotel room at sunrise

This just about brings our Yunnan birding travelogue to an end.  I've skipped over quite a lot, but I hope that if you've managed to read this far you'll have a "feel" for the area we covered.

Don't thank me; it was

                                                                  " NO BOTHER "  


  1. A very interesting series. It's certainly a place rich in both culture and birds. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great view from your hotel.

    I have no idea what the 'no bother' button would do.........

  3. Bar-headed Goose is my favourite goose. It's just so much more lovely than other species of goose. And as Stu said, I have totally no idea what the 'no bother' button is for.

  4. Thanks Mun, Stu and Ayuwat for your comments..

    Bar-headed Geese are great, aren't they... they have some of the toughest migratory routes in existence, so you have to admire them.

    The "No Bother" button was connected to a small panel outside the hotel room door which said "Do not disturb" !

  5. Hahaha I see!
    I still remember watching a dvd showing Bar-headed Geese while crossing the Himalayas. They're really tough!

  6. Excellent series of posts, John.. brings back memories of my all-too-brief stay in Yunnan and makes me hungry to go back for more. Some outstanding images, too.