31 Jul 2014

Mai Po : Black-headed Gull in July

Despite temperatures at 30 degrees and above, yesterday I decided that a manly stroll to Mai Po's boardwalk hides would be a good way to spend two to three hours.

Sunhat, sunblock, and the 500mm lens seemed like an appropriate combination.

Along the path,  beneath the casuarinas, the first of many White-breasted Waterhens were encountered.

Away to my right, looking west, Gei Wai 11, the Border Security Fence, and the high-rise of Shenzhen in the distance.

A few spiders' webs across the path showed that I was the only person silly enough to go out through the mangroves.  I arrived with the rising tidal waters close to the hide.

From the newest boardwalk hide, a surprise.   Black-headed Gulls usually leave Hong Kong in April, and don't return until October.

Another unseasonal visitor, Eastern Common Tern.  Not quite as unseasonal as Black-headed Gull, the early autumn birds may sometimes show themselves in late August.

Some Cattle Egrets engaged in a staring contest...

At the "Twin Hides" a Richard's Pipit.   Race sinensis breeds in Hong Kong, but I don't recall seeing one at the edge of the Deep Bay Mudflats before.

Finally, a species that is present year-round (but some birds we see are passage migrants) - Common Kingfisher.

I carried one-and-a-half litres of water, and I drank all of it.

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  1. Nice shots again John............

    We are having Hong Kong type weather this week in Hokkaido.............